Photo: Tyler Sneesby

Hometown, East Vancouver, BC.

From collecting rap 12″s and cassettes in the late 80′s to pressing his first 12″ (with RKV) in 1995, Bird has had an unwavering commitment to the art form that is hip-hop and music in general. He has studied its history and is a walking encyclopedia of recorded music. He can find a funky break in virtually any pile of dollar records. His record collection has something from every era and every genre, and he has made his living as a record dealer at various times in the ebay era.

Birdapres has worked with many notable artists over the years: Moka Only, DJ Moves, Len, Styles of Beyond. But he has also appeared on countless underground releases in and around Vancouver over the years, because the scene respects him and he is always down to work with someone new.
Birdapres & DJ Brace – New Science

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