Cella Chest

The debut album is a compilation of solo-acoustic finger style folk songs. sometimes a little heavy handed. recorded & mixed in his room. Lyrically laced with a sense of distant and a hint of anarchy, a longing for simple times, though times are never simple, telling stories of distant pasts, pondering day to day throws, lovers lost and anything else that may have been folded and set at the bottom of this Cella Chest. The album is a full developed sound with the music being solely based off acoustic guitar and vocals scattered with looping guitars and percussion, electric slide, distortion and synthesizer textures. Working along side the likes of Juno award wining DJ Brace who co produced the track Snake Man to give it that electro-acoustic feel. Listening to the album feels as if you are actually in the room while its all being played and recorded which gives it that lo-fi home warmth. These songs give you a sense of timelessness. With songs like Archangel a rendition of Samhain and Huminvisible from his first hardcore band souls immortal, A.W. Cardinal gives good salute to his more hardcore roots. In this self titled album, all the songs are written directly from Alexanders’ first hand experience and don’t try to disguise any details.

Cella Chest – Snake Man

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