Koncept – Watch the Sky Fall EP

A long time ago we all got the message that it’s like a jungle sometimes, and Koncept wants to remind us all that it ain’t the adversity you face… it’s the way you face it. Koncept opens up a window … Continue reading

Brown Bag AllStars – Brown Bag Season Vol. 1


“…Brown Bag AllStars — they’re doing their thing…To hear a younger generation still keeping it raw like that lets you know that we can’t stop.” – DJ Premier Brown Bag Season Vol. 1 is a double CD release of Brown … Continue reading

Cella Chest

new cd sleeve cover

The debut album is a compilation of solo-acoustic finger style folk songs. sometimes a little heavy handed. recorded & mixed in his room. Lyrically laced with a sense of distant and a hint of anarchy, a longing for simple times, … Continue reading

DJ Brace Presents The Electric Nosehair Orchestra In Synesthasia

Art: Graham Landin Photo/Layout: Bill Acheson

Synesthasia is the second album from Brace’s Electric Nosehair Orchestra Project. Part of the concept for Nostomania was the idea that sound can pull up long neglected memories. Synesthasia is something like a crossed wire in the brain where one … Continue reading

Morbin – Unity Amidst Chaos


In this moment, for our sake, let us redefine the word “artist” in an attempt to rid of it the inkling of pretentiousness it seems to connote. An artist, I believe, is anyone who can relate and experience an abstract … Continue reading

DJ Brace Presents Everyday Featuring Brown Bag AllStars

Design/Art: Bill Acheston

Everyday, featuring the Brown Bag AllStars, is the first release on Canadian DMC Champion and Juno Award winning DJ Brace’s new label, Nostomania Records. B-side features a dubbed-out remix by ESL artists, The Ancient Astronauts. Every one of the artists … Continue reading

RAW – Birdapres & DJ Brace

Design/Art: Bill Acheson

Beats recorded & then played live by Alleged Legend, Birdapres. Cuts and labwork by DJ Brace. The idea was that the two artists record their first feelings. The studio work which was applied later to document this collaboration used many … Continue reading